Application For Enrolment

Application for Enrolment Form (Not to be used for Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition)

Ringwood Secondary College Enrolment Criteria and Principles
A child residing permanently in the neighbourhood area has the right to attend Ringwood Secondary College unless already enrolled in a secondary school.
In general, the designated neighbourhood school as defined by the Department of Education and Training, is the secondary college that is nearest in a straight line from the student’s permanent residential address. However some schools like Ringwood Secondary College have a designated neighbourhood boundary (see map) and in this instance you need to reside within the boundary line, regardless of any distance rule.  The student must be living with the parent or guardian* at the permanent address or spend a substantial part of their time at that address. 

The permanent residential address is defined as one where:

  • The home is owned by the parent or guardian
  • The home is under purchase
  • The home is leased from a Registered Estate Agent for a minimum of 12 months from the time a child is to commence

The status of ‘permanent residence’ must be proven to the College’s satisfaction, so evidence of the above will be required to authenticate residence, particularly with regard to leased properties. Other evidence may be required and a home visit may be conducted. Any misleading or inaccurate claims will lead to the application being rejected or withdrawn at a later date.

*   A parent/guardian is defined as one who has been legally appointed to take responsibility for the student making the application for enrolment.

There is no automatic sibling claim, but wherever practical Ringwood Secondary College will accept enrolment of a student who is the sibling of a current student in the proposed year of enrolment and who resides permanently at the same address.

Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition

Priority order for Enrolments for Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition:

  • Students who reside within the designated neighbourhood boundary for Ringwood Secondary College 
  • Students who reside permanently at the same address as a brother or sister attending the school
  • Students in order of closeness of their home to the school
  • Students seeking enrolment on curriculum grounds

All applicants from outside the neighbourhood boundary must complete the separate ‘Consideration for Year 7 Entry’ form (available from the College website or at the College).

Specific Curriculum Grounds Claims
Curriculum grounds are considered first. It is recommended that parents attach supporting information related to curriculum to their application (see ‘Consideration for Year 7 Entry’ form). Only after those applications processed in terms of curriculum have been considered, will those who have only listed distance from the school be considered.

Students may be considered on the following curriculum grounds:
Students who live outside the neighbourhood boundary area may be considered for enrolment on the following curriculum grounds:

  • The student has been studying French or Indonesian at primary school and their neighbourhood school does not offer these languages as part of their curriculum and the student is keen to pursue a language to a senior level.
  • The parent/guardian is able to demonstrate that the College provides specific curriculum opportunities that relate directly to their child and that are not available at the neighbourhood or other secondary colleges.

The College may seek additional information in relation to an application for enrolment on curriculum grounds.

Those who will be offered a place at the College will be notified by their primary school in Term 3, as well as those who were unsuccessful. 

Years 8 - 12 Enrolment
Demand for entry to Ringwood Secondary College at all levels is high. Our College is your neighbourhood school if it is the closest state government secondary college to your permanent residence in a straight line to the College boundary. Places are offered to those students who move into the area with their parent/s during the school year. If the student already lives in our local area and is attending a school, a place will be offered in the following year. Applications for enrolment for students who live outside our neighbourhood area are only offered if there are vacancies. The number of vacancies varies from year to year and between the year levels. Enquiries should be directed to the General Office on 9870 2002 or to [email protected]