Enrolment FAQs

Our child is currently in Grade 6 and we would like to enrol him/her for next year but we don’t live locally. How do we go about applying for entry?
You will need to complete a Special Consideration for Year 7 Entry form issued by this college and include all relevant details. Please ensure you meet the deadline listed on the form.

Whilst we don’t live in the local area, my child will be staying with an aunt who does live locally. Will this qualify for living locally?
No, this is not the permanent place of residence for the child. The child must be living with at least one of his/her parents.

We are rentlng a property in the Ringwood area? Will we be able to enrol our child?
Proof of a 12 month lease for the property is required. The lease must be for the year the child is entering the College.

What is the due date for out of local area applications for Year 7?
This date is set to coincide with the date set by North Eastern Victoria Region for completing the Application for Enrolment form which is distributed by your child’s primary school.  Details are provided during college tours and at our College Information Night.  

What happens if my Grade 6 child does not get offered a place?
Often there is some movement in numbers between August and the start of the school year. If you are still interested, please contact the General Office and express interest to be considered. Your contact details will be recorded.

I have heard there are scholarships available for Year 7 students. How do I go about applying for them?
The College offers scholarships in three categories each year: Academic, Performing Arts and Sport. See more information at Scholarships.