Music Association

The Music Association is an active and interested group of parents whose children are involved in the College’s Music Program. Its main function is to assist the Music Faculty by providing funds and support for their program and events. 

Ways in which we assist are by:

  • Raising funds, when enable the purchase of high cost instruments
  • Support of the various musical groups' performances by providing front of house duties, refreshment selling and occasional transport
  • Parents (or even Grandparents) of music students (instrumental or voice) are invited to become a member of the Music Association

Our meetings are usually held monthly, on Monday evenings, at the College and are attended by Assistant Principal, Maria Allison and Director of Music, Janine Pero. If you are unable to attend our meetings any assistance you can give at Music Association events and activities would still be greatly appreciated.

This may be the enjoyable way you have been looking for to be involved in your child’s journey through secondary college.