World Tour

The Performing Arts World Tour was born of our broad arts program in 2001, when just over 20 students toured a show about the history of Australia to schools in New Zealand, Canada, the UK and Thailand. This initial tour was pioneering, and paved the way for subsequent tours every three years thereafter. 

In 2004, the tour moved into mainland Europe, adding destinations in both France and the Czech Republic.

By 2007, the World Tour had grown to 42 students and 6 staff and the show itself began to take on a distinctly Melbourne flavour. It was after this tour that we also began to welcome reciprocal visits, with students from Usti nad Orlici in the Czech republic visiting Ringwood later that year.

In 2010, we expanded our destinations to include Detroit, in the USA, and Harderwijk in The Netherlands.

The 2013 World Tour broke new ground by adding China to its list of global destinations, being hosted by a school in the enormous city of Chongqing. In this year, the show adopted a bold new direction, incorporating a bold new narrative and an exciting, technological revamp to the musical score. Subtitles in Dutch, French, Czech and Mandarin ensured that audiences everywhere were able to understand and enjoy the fast-paced, energetic performances.
The 2016 World Tour was the College’s sixth and featured further upgrades and renewals aplenty. The travelling party consisted of 42 young Melbournians between the ages of 14 and 18, once again accompanied by 6 staff. 

We encourage you to revisit the action of the last World Tour as it unfolded in March-April 2016 by visiting our production website: